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FUNdraising with Kidís Art Project!

Kidís Art Projectís specializes in working with schools to create beautiful custom posters that they sell at their fundraisers and our goal in 2014 is to put the FUN back into FUNdraising!Here is quick summary of what we have in mind:

More than any other reason, Kidís Art Project FUNdraisers are FUN because the posters are made using classroom art created by the talented artists from your school.

Imagine how your students will feel after they see their artwork captured in a collage-style poster and their sense of accomplishment when they find out that their fine work attracted big dollars at the school auction which will go to helping their school.

After years of helping parents and teachers with their fundraisers, Kidís Art Project knows that our posters touch emotional buttons with the students, teachers, parents, and friends that usually translate into more money for your school.The average selling price is around $600 plus an unlimited upside selling reprints.

FUNdraising with Kidís Art Project is FUN so give us a call at 425-408-1753 or email us at carrie@kidsartproject.com, and weíll show you how!

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